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of the eurozone shows continued slump in services activity. >>> plus first lady michelle obama fires up the base in the democratic national convention, making the case for voters to give her husband a second term in office. >>> let's check in on markets as we sort of near the beginning of the u.s. trading session. dow jones industrial average sitting below that 13,000 mark is looking to open lower, taking fair value into account by about 35 point. nasdaq, s&p 500 are also in the red this morning a bit of a bigger move than we've seen with indecks in the last couple weeks. part keying off attitudes we've seen in markets overnight. let's take a look at cnbc ftse 100, down spurred by parts of asian demand, the fedex profit warning we've talked about, or change in guidance, that is, european markets for their part are also in red. ftse 100 down despite better tone. xetra dax down 0.3 trs. it's unusual for us to see all the vorcies doing the same thing. >> that eurozone pmi is coming out, nudged down from the flash number. what's the impact on the spanish bond yield? they are lower than we were two d
president obama's record. >> we speak to ford as they are trying to get sales moving in europe again. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange" bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> okay. ross westgate is taking a well-deserved break. karen cho is here for a jam packed show. >> it's certainly a big day as we wait it out for the ecb. we've been waiting to see what mario draghi's going to be saying since late july. this is the big day markets are waiting. >> speculation increasing over the last 24 hours. we're also waiting on the bank of england decision. we've got another product launch today with amazon, perhaps another kindle fire coming. and then there's president obama's speech in new york -- or in charlotte tonight that everyone's going to watch for. he hints about economic policy as well. >> coming up on today's show we head out to south korea to a country that's economy grew at a slower pace than initially estimated you we'll also get a reaction in sweden. >>> we're live in charlotte, north carolina, ahead of president obama's big speech at the democrat
president obama's re-election bid. >>> welcome on today's show. the u.s. is back today. did you enjoy the labor day weekend? >> we were laboring on labor day yesterday, which is appropriate, actually. >> and the data starts, right? the data countdown. >> ism today, jobs report friday. so much happening. >> let's remind what you is on the show today. we'll head out to wrbrussels to hear from the man to talk. and we wait for david cameron to confirm the cabinet reshuffle. >>> as the rba leaves rates on hold we head out to australia to hear from jpmorgan. >>> the democratic convention is set to kick off. >>> one hour into the trade daigle in europe. weighted to the downside at the moment. advances outpaced by decliners. by a little around six to four, a little less than that. let's show you where we stand as far as the ftse 100 is today. the ibex actually up 8% so that market is benefitting from these draghi comments suggesting bond buying wouldn't breach the rules, which is fairly encouraging. euro/dollar -- well, let's show you how that's had an impact on spanish debt yields. up to aro
have started to arrive here. hillary clinton will be heading the delegation in lieu of barack obama. i think a lot of the discussion and focus will be on some of the bilateral meetings, especially with the simmering tensions within the region about territorial issues and, of course, syria. we're gearing up for a big weekend here as apec summit kicks off here this weekend. back toy. >> covering all of that. we're already seeing some commentary from putin. in fact, i think even the provisional statement coming out of that meeting. in any case, still to come on the program this morning, will china's reported $160 billion infrastructure spending spree help revif the mainland steel industry? bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "hon
facing a 20 billion euro shortfall. >>> and mitt romney and president obama disagree over israel ramping up the rhetoric. >> and foxconn shuts down a northern chinese factory after a brawl involving 2,000 workers. >>> germany's sentiment index falls, and the mood continuing to u.s. futures. closing in on the start of the trading day, dow jones implied to open lower by more than 35 points. nasdaq and s&p 500 also looking to shed their gains, as well. take a look now at the cnbc ftse global 300. down a third of a% in light of that data which hit just about an hour ago. european markets she the ftse 100 down 0.4%. xetra dax this one in focus this morning, that's down 0.6%. cac 40 down almost 1% this morning. this ahead of a key budget unveiling. ibex 35 not benefiting from the risk off attitude. down 1.6%. >> and i think the ifo number, we had a better pmi out of germany last week, so the expectations it would hold up and it didn't. but it is worth pointing out 50% of the responses were taken before the constitutional court ruling in germany. quite a lot of paper being issued by italy this
president obama said the other day in terms of relations with egypt calling them net an ally or a friend, that may be an indication or certainly a hint that the close relationshipit a or a friend, that may be an indication or certainly a hint that the close relationshipt any or a friend, that may be an indication or certainly a hint that the close relationshipht a ally or a friend, that may be an indication or certainly a hint that the close relationshipert ally or a friend, that may be an indication or certainly a hint that the close relationship an ally or a friend, that may be an indication or certainly a hint that the close relationship they enjoyed in the past won't be in the future. >> that may be the case. a lot of people this morning waking up and trying to figure out just how significant this may ultimately be for instability across the middle east. and we've certainly seen a number of conflicts and a number of difficult relationships ahead of the elections. rhetoric is ramping up. how likely will any of these worsen relationships between these critical nations? >> it's difficul
europe's crisis. >> and president obama is set to address the u.n. general assembly in new york a day after inflammatory comments from ahmadinejad. we're looking for a bit of a rebound after closing lower yesterday. dow jones trying to add about 10, 11 points here. nasdaq and s&p also looking to add here. but again, this follows a down day yesterday. but it was a monday, so what do you expect. global 300, we can focus in here on the european bourses because we were across the board same thing, indecisive attitude. ftse 100 basically flat. xetra dax 4/10 of a point. cac 40 down 0.4%, so not just germany. ibex 35 trying to add 0.3%. it did just auction off debt paying a little bit more for those 12 month bills than last time. >> we did see as kelly rightly says yields slightly higher. spanish debt yields there also slightly higher. look at this, ten year u.s. yield now 1.69%. so we are back to the levels if not below the levels we were at before the fed announced another bout of quantitative easing. euro-dollar pretty much at the levels we were at this time yesterday. dollar-yen is weak
to volatility that we're seeing this morning. >>> u.s. president barack obama called for an end to extremism yesterday. he also paid tribute to christopher stevens, the u.s. ambassador to libya who was killed during recent protest. in his last major foreign policy address before the upcoming election, obama also reiterated his desire to find a diplomatic solution with iran, but warned that time was running out. usef joins us from iran now. as we can expect to hear from ahmadinejad later today, what might he -- are we going hear any change in rhetoric from the past? how much will the world's attention be focused on this moment? >> well, kelly, you're right. president mahmood ahmadinejad's speech is expected for later today. it comes actually quite at an interesting time because it would be the hollywoodiest dies jewish calendar. of course, obama's speech comes at a time when the united states is facing a very difficult situation in the middle east. we saw the ongoing protests, and of course, anti-u.s. sentiment is at relatively high in terms of its historical sort of context. but again, peace
. >>> the latest poll suggests barack obama and mitt romney are tied ahead of the democratic national convention in charlotte this week. the president will officially be nominated to run for a second term. both men currently stand at 45% backing. obama spent the weekend criticizing romney's economic policies. >>> before we go to break, here is a look back at last week's republican national convention in tampa. >> we're not afraid. we are not afraid. we're taking our country back. >> this man will not fail. >> the president is just throwing away money. and he's pretty experienced at that. >> i wish president obama had succeeded because i want america to succeed. >> can't do that to himself. you're jutely right. > >>> let's get a technical look now at markets. for that, we're joined by phil roberts. thanks for coming into the stet this morning. it's great to see you. >> thank you. >> we always like to know what the charts are telling or indicating. let's start, perhaps, with one of the main focuses for investors and that's the yield on the spanish ten year. this morning, we're seeing some relief t
have been lining up for days. that will be at 5:45 a.m. eastern time, ross. president obama meanwhile leading mitt romney in three more key swing states according to the latest nbc wall street journal maris poll. the president is edging romney in colorado and wisconsin by five points and iowa by eight. and the poll was taken this week amid the controversial romney secretly taped remarks earlier in year. conservatives are ramping up their criticism of romney. peggy noonan says he needs someone new to run his campaign. joining us from washington is sarah fagan. good morning. so the gop here, how much pressure is mitt romney under? is there a sense of panic? >> well, he's under a lot of pressure. he's had a tough couple weeks. and the good news for mitt romney is that he's having this in september, this sort of vehicle of bad gaffes, and not in october. so we're about 48 days from the election. it's an eternity. he can right his ship. but there is some concern. >> tell pawlenty -- i'm sorry, not -- some of the gop candidates during the primary season who were completely written off. rick
area today which a republican hasn't won in nearly 25 years. pennsylvania, that is. president obama sticks close to washington today, though, with three fund-raising events. both men were in virginia yesterday catering to the state's strong u.s. military and defense industry presence. mary jo is still with us. is mitt romney in pennsylvania because he thinks there's a chance? how important is winning pennsylvania to him? >> pennsylvania is one of several battleground states in this election and it comes town really to a handful of states including ohio and florida and of course pennsylvania and virginia. the undecided vote so far is very small, but let's keep in mind at this stage ronald reagan in 1980 was running about five points behind jimmy carter. by mid october, he was 13 points behind and yet he won the election by nine points. >> what do you think will be that catalyst for swinging things in mitt romney's favor? >> a strong debate by mitt romney. there are three of them coming up. a misstep by the president. some sort of international incident to thinks that might come out a
and their countries. >> stay with us. we'll be back for more in just a second. barack obama is planning to file a trade complaint against china. later today, a white house official said obama will tell crowds at a campaign tour in ohio that he's initiating a case against beijing over its unfair support of the mainland's auto industry that puts american factories at a disadvantage. ohio of course is heavily dependent on its auto sector and also a political important swing state. >>> meanwhile in spain, tens of thousands took to the streets of madrid over the weekend to protest against austerity measures. the demonstrations were organized by the country's social summit union which represents 150 organizations. spanish prime minister looking to delay or requesting a full sovereign bailout while the finance minister wants to ask for assistance as soon as possible, according too a rep a in the newspaper. for more, staff fan oefane join. how fierce is the debate about when, where and how they get assistance? >> it looks like there is a debate even within the spanish government. if you look at the rep
's hard for president obama for agree to an israeli attack right now or to agree to cooperate with in a before the u.s. election. so i would be surprised if it happened before the election. >> perhaps aside from exposure to oil, precisely because of this tail risk, how else do you position around this kind of event, this kind of major uncertainty that's out there somewhat do you tell clients who basically say, okay, given the hurdles that i'm facing the end of the year into early next year, what do i do where my money? >> well, i think first question for every investor, are they a long term investor or not. there are a lot of traders who are just trying to figure out next week. but for a lot, this is 5 years, ten-years, 15 years. it there was an attack, in the end that will not stand. the global powers both east and west will not allow the strait of hormuz to be closed. that's an absolute red line, it will not happen. so you could have a spike in oil prices and then a few weeks later they plunge as the strait is opened up. so i wouldn't get head up about it. what i would look
exchange." >>> these are your headlines. the new nbc "wall street journal" poll shows president obama widening his lead over mitt romney. >> the bank of japan pulls the trigger to revive the economy. >> at the bank of england, some see the outlook for a stimulus even as the outlook for inflation picks up. >>> defense secretary leon panetta is in china meeting with officials there. and this news coming via reuters, china's vice president is criticizing japan's purchase of those disputed islands in the east china sea, calling the purchase a "farce." he's saying japan should "rein in its behavior and stop undermining china's sovereignty." >> what was also interesting, i read today in the telegraph, a suggestion that china should use its japanese bonds. they could threaten the japanese bond market. >> yeah, economic positioning there. >> extraordinary. >> there's also a chinese agency talk about how japanese auto makers may lose their top selling status to the likes of germany because of this. so the rhetoric coming out of china certainly has fomented. >> on the other hand, if china did s
it as a china manipulate directory while obama accuses of profiting from jobs september overseas. >>> japan continues to take a hard line in its territorial dispute. let's go to the nikkei following the story for us. >> yes, prime minister noda is sticking to a hard line that japan will not compromise over its territorial issue dispute with china. in a speech to the urn and press conference yesterday, he stressed the islands are an integral part of japan and the issue should be settled under international law. but china reacted by saying china has broken international law. meanwhile the tensions continue to damage china related businesses. cancellations for flights to and from china have reached 40,000 seats. and production cuts are in china. >> stay there for one second. another story that we're following as relations between japan and china aren't going so well, japan may be getting companyier with myanmar. is that right? >> yes. the japanese government is teams up with myanmar's public and private sectors to set up a training center next spring. the aim is as to boost business skills to
this economy come roaring back. >> romney also said that he liked parts of president obama's health care law so he says he'll keep some reforms such as making sure with pre-existing conditions can get coverage. >> meanwhile the man who lo the last election has warned that mitt romney's unfavorables with voters remain too high. speaking to ross at the forum on the shores of lake como, john mccain said he thought what might finally sway voters. >> well, i think that the few undecided, and it is a very small number, may when they go into the ballot booth or even in there, we have a number of people who didn't make up their minds until the last minute, will ask themselves not only am i better off than i was four yearsing a go, but do i believe i will be better off four years from thousand. and i think that will be the fundamental question. does give me some optimism, but i still think we'll be down to five or six states and up very late that night. >> it is extraordinary. we have an incoming presidented with an ultimate employment rate of over 8% and yet republicans aren't seeming to make much head
that killed the u.s. ambassador and other consulate staff. president obama has called on leaders in the middle east to discuss security following the violence. clashes are also taking place in cairo over an anti-islamic film. so far oil markets pretty steady. >> the brent move was down to 115, so certainly numbered pack over. >> we have more from matt smith. how significant is the latest news? >> it's obviously just ratcheting up tension in the global oil market. this isn't being reflected through prices just yet, but with concerns in various different facts, we have problems with iran rumbling on and now added to by these concerns in cairo and libya and now in yemen. so if this keeps on ratcheting up, we have concerns in syria, as well, this could really start to impact oil prices. >> and it's important because in some way it is really hasn't yet. you could argue that the move up in oil prices has been consistent with renewed growth expectations, bado you see gymerses of a supply side aspect to oil activity? >> we've been seeing oil price run up because of the spiked highness brought on iran,
. the democratic camp, the obama administration would be for raising revenues through taxes, but cutting entitlements is something that's sort of the domain, the province of the romney and ryan ticket. basically you need a third party. >> as an outsider, i don't care about which direction. you have to choose one direction. the worst part is standing still, doing nothing. that's the worst part. >> let's get back to china briefly. i think that premier one, he was very strong and delivered the message very resolutely to the foreign audience when he said we're going to meet the target. don't waste time thinking about this. we are resolute about it. you actually think that china can do better than the premier. you think he's actually understating what the year end vigor is going to be. >> sure. for the time being, the chinese economy actually is pretty good. the picture is pretty good, right? but the issue is not about this year's growth. not even next year's growth rate. can easily check up to over 8%, even 9%. the real issue is for the coming decade, for the leaders, will the chinese econom
. >>> early voting begins friday in the u.s. as latest polls show president obama with a small lead over mitt romney. mcneil curry is still with us. as we turn our attention to the election, should investors keep anything in mind in terms of equity performance around this event? >> sure. generally speaking we can talk about risk assets generally as they trade into year end. and the first thing is you tend to see historically but a seasonal weakness around the september/october period. during periods of elections, you tend to see that bit of weakness skew forward into october. so we could see a bit more volatility. but big ir picture if you take a step back, you shouldn't lose sight of the fact that they tend to do well into year end. >> why is that? >> part of it could be especially this year a lot of cash still on the sidelines so you would expect a very, very strong trend to transpire. historically i think it's partly because as you will see in the september/august time frame, you see a lot of positions get cleansed out and as you get into year end, investors start to rebuild and reassess t
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